Friday, 22 February 2013

What you call the atrocity of crazed dogs tearing a helpless fox to shreds, others call a pleasant jaunt in the park

Haha.  Oh God, there is just no saving some stuff.  The unreachable past is there for a reason.

Noticed Colin Smith had made a post with a title that me think "the inevitable has come to pass", but oddly it is not a dissection of the latest PR fluff from DC or a catalogue of the latest bunch of scabs to work on the property, it's just a sweet cameo that I think even Mr Moore would not object to... if anyone but DC had done it.

But yes, After Watchmen is inevitable.  If anyone wants to make some money, I suggest patenting that name and squatting on it for a while, because that is some easy beans when DC come around in year or two looking to get busy.

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