Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Nothing but make-believe will ever feel real again

I have found the Labour party leadership contest surprisingly exciting, but that's to be expected when every major media outlet is trumpeting about Jeremy Corbyn's ability to take us back to the 1980s.
See, I assumed Mr Corbyn would just become leader of the Labour party and then stay in the present and disagree with the government a lot, but according to everyone from The Guardian to the Daily Mail, he will, in fact, engage in some sort of Back To The Future-style defiance of the laws of nature and travel backwards through time itself - and to think people are actually surprised that everyone wants to vote for him now?  Of course they'd vote for him!
For too long has time travel been the preserve of the rich and the media elite of London who use it to travel forward in time to see that Corbyn will lose elections!  Time travel for the rich, and austerity for the poor?  Not if our boy Jeremy has anything to say about it!

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