Saturday, 20 June 2009

Friday 19th June, 2009

Day three on the same pic and I've done pretty much nothing more, but I do have the usual lazy artist excuse of life getting in the way of the lofty pursuit of scribbling little spandex batmen kicking each other in the face. Strange but true - the only reason I bothered drawing today at all is because I had shows to watch and didn't fancy throwing them onto a flash card and watching them through the PS3 as that would mean having to turn off the game I had paused. Thus I had to watch the shows on my pc, and what the hell - while I'm here I'll have a scribble.
Some overtime at work to be done tomorrow, so that'll probably mean the above pic - supposedly a distraction - won't get finished over the weekend, so I'll just pick at it when I can be bothered, I suppose.

Watching: The Unusuals, Harper's Island, Greek season 2, ATHF season 5, Kamen Rider Decade
Playing: Ghostbusters, Fallout 3
Reading: Captain Britain and MI13, Invincible, 2000ad

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