Saturday 6 June 2009

snapsot of a weekend

Obligatory daily update, and not much to report beyond the usual saturday routine of sleeping in late on a glorious morning only to wake up later so I can go into town and get to the bank and find the weather's turned to bloomin' rain. Then gym to watch me programmes, which are admittedly thin on the ground with the end of the US season, but I still have anime to catch up with, ranging from the under-appreciated Turn A Gundam (an entry in the giant robot genre inspired by the Studio Ghibli visual aesthetic) to the tweener fantasy Magical Witch Squad Alice (a Harry Potter-influenced cross-dimensional adventure that turned up in the west as Tweeny Witches, and features visuals veering from functional to exceptional alongside a great musical score). After the gym, back home for dinner and a lie down to recover from all that effort and beery haze for an hour or two while I catch up with my Star Wars rewatch to coincide with Phantom Menace's 10 year anniversary (Lucas isn't credited much as a director, but he's workmanlike enough across both action scenes and drama that he's actually ahead of other 'event movie' directors like Michael Bay who lose it in busy sequences - the prequels aren't as bad as I thought first time around), then off down the cinema for the latest Terminator, although in the end I didn't bother with that and decided to have a wee scribble instead.

Apart from that, I just wandered about, occasionally sitting down for tv catch-up - if Henry is the killer in Harper's Island and the end of episode 8 isn't a bluff, I totally called that in episode 1.

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