Friday, 19 June 2009

Thursday 18th June, 2009 scribbly at home

Not much to show today for the home scribbles what with work overrunning (damn you, angling school and your desperate need for nik-naks!) and then gym (damn you, Batman: the Brave and the Bold: Legends of the Dark Mite for starting out great and then sort of overplaying the whole wackiness angle to the point my mind wandered! Although the biker Santas were fun), just finished what seemed to be the Greek season finale but didn't have much of a punch to it, added some minor details to Godzilla vs S.H.I.E.L.D., started scribbling rough foreground figures and background details for later 'inking' should time and opportunity present itself, and now I'm away off to bed for some gaming and snoozing.
Watching: Greek season 2 (I guess), ATHF, Deadwood, The Great Silence.
Playing: Fallout 3 - again.
Reading: War of Kings: Ascension, Ultimate Spider-Man, Invincible, Scott Pilgrim.

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