Monday 1 February 2010

Balls, but Saucy Monday keeps taking me by surprise. I can't be buggered thinking up anything too saucy, so here's a quick inking/colour job on a deliberately oversexualised superhero with a massive rack, although there a slight 'amputee' vibe going on that I didn't notice at the scribbles stage...

Anyhoo, there's not much boobage going on in that because my niece has taken to reading comics of late and seems to want to read mine, so I'm being careful to not go too far into letch territory, hence lots of skin but no arse or boob cleavage. I'm throwing the floor open to suggestions for Saucy Mondays, mind - outright filth probably won't happen, but if you have a thing for stockings or dragons or whatnot, I'll probably have a bash. Furfags need not apply.

Watching: Simpsons, Terminator: Salvation
Everything else: Fallout 3 which I am determined to cane


  1. Saucy Monday? How about drawing a nice big bottle of Heinz Ketchup...?

    Yeah, that joke was much funnier in my head.