Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I'm not one for drawing on the hop, and it's not like I ever finish these sketches anyway, but I am watching Buck Rogers in the 25th Century again and thought I'd have a quick bash at Wilma Deering (the utterly saucy Erin Grey) in the Jack Palance-starring episode 'Planet of the Slave Girls', which despite the moniker doesn't offer much for the Leia fetishist, the slaves being more of the sweatshop variety than Jedi's bondage harem and attendant bestiality undertones (I can't decide if that's better or worse than the incest angle), but nonetheless my dedication to the objectification of women is unabated.
Obviously I haven't finished drawing it, but I figure this way I can pretend it might have turned out better than it probably would have, possibly because I corrected the massive foreshortening failure on the right arm...

Feet still not quite right, and the colours have gone a bit funny between drawing it on the tablet and looking at it on the monitor so I'm assuming I've somehow managed to reset one or both to factory settings and this will be the cause of Problems down the line.

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