Tuesday 16 February 2010

It's tuesday, and that means it's time for Saucy Monday, and another vague stab at getting Google hits by putting deeply inappropriate tags on posts featuring nothing approaching the level of charmless smut you'd probably hope for after searching for 'sexy librarian'. Mind you, there's enough troubling smut featuring Batgirl out there that that might be what gets me hits, even though most of it seems centered around bondage, which is an odd thing to take away from the old 1960s show when you have the damn saucy Yvonne Craig knocking around in a skintight costume, pointy bra, and flexing her legs in all directions. okay, it's kinky, but it's seriously down the list of stuff about that show that was utterly brilliant - the Joker and Batman having a surf-off is the epitome of awesome and quite possibly proves the terrorists will never win.

I'd have researched a better pose for the Batusi, but I'm buggered if I'm wading through yet another gif compilation of Cracked.com skits of Batman freaking out to Chaccaron Maccaron just to see what he was doing with his feet at the time, so I just did the eyes thingy that showed up in Pulp Fiction. Yvonne Craig's likeness isn't much cop, and possibly there should be more or less cleavage, I'm not entirely sure, but it doesn't seem too seedy as it is and that's good enough for me.
Anyways, back to drawing the GN...

Watching: Leverage
Chaccaron Maccaron

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