Saturday 13 February 2010

Blue Mountain State - like Secret Girlfriend, I find it funny, but I get the feeling I shouldn't on account of the kind of female characters that inhabit the show. Feminists and those without ADHD and increasingly troubling memory problems can probably make a literate and compelling case as to why the chicks in these shows don't come off well, but even I - a man who tries every monday to draw something that sexually objectifies women and then post it on the internet with tags attached to it specifically so it'll show up in the average pervert's Google search - would describe the shallow, life-sucking voids (© Dave Sim) in this series as a deeply scary depiction of women, if only because most students are practically at it like rabbits anyway and there's no need to propagate the myth that sex can only be obtained through subterfuge or at the hands of psychologically damaged young women.
The Wolfman - good to see Teen Wolf get a non-canon prequel in the same way the Stargate movie did (with 10,000BC), and it even has the main character bus-surfing a horse-drawn carriage -such a wizard jape! Seriously, because of the pretty good recreation of the tropes and idioms of the classic Universal/Lon Chaney Wolfman movies, the makeup is decidedly retro to match the tone and there's no getting away from the fact that once the full moon fills the sky, this film has got Teen Wolf in it. This is either a really big problem for you or it isn't. For me, it's practically a selling-point. I liked it, but as with some stuff like Life Aquatic and Book of Eli, I'm not sure what mileage others will get from the material, but recommend it regardless because it's worth a punt when we live in an age where Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakual is totally a real thing that exists.
The Middle - as in 'Middle state', not 'Malcolm in', though you'd be forgiven for thinking it is. Mostly undemanding, has its moments, and the odd real laugh, but it's mostly laughter at someone's expense, which I do find a little tiresome at times through omnipresence.
Star Trek, season 3 - I'm a big fan of the original Trek, so every time I remember there's a whole bunch of it I haven't seen, it always surprises me. Then I remember it's mostly stuff from season 3 when the show was pretty much fucked and I'm not that bothered. Watched the Enterprise Incident on a whim online and it was rubbish, but still fun. I found Trek's version of space chat-up between Spock and the Romulan lass unintentionally hilarious, an impression not helped by the fact that I'd watched this video moments before and the opening exchange is pretty much the same thing.

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