Sunday, 21 February 2010

Damn you, anatomy. You win this round.

Life Unexpected - the first four episodes of this Oregon-based family drama veers wildly between what it wants to be and what it actually is - or at least what's within the abilities of the creative team to produce. It wants to be a lot grittier than it is, but it fails no matter how many allusions to foster home abuses, underage sex and drug usage it slips into the dialogue. It's a schmaltzy drama and a decent time-killer if you're watching it via iTunes while getting on with work, but I can't see it setting the world on fire with those who choose to do their televisual watching on an actual television. For me the main sticking-point is that the thirtysomething mother is played by one of the teens off of Roswell High, which was knocked off the programming schedules because Smallville came along and was much, much worse and naturally everyone watched it instead in much the same way that viewers chose One Tree Hill over the slightly less terrible The OC - kind of like choosing to be raped in the mouth rather than the arse. Anyway - the actress may actually be the age she's playing - if not older - but I'm buggered if I'm taking the notion seriously.
The Deep End - shallow, nihilistic shit. I see it being a success if scheduled properly. I do find myself going "oh, that's her off of Veronica Mars", "Oh, that's the best Lex Luthor" and "oh, that's not actually Billy Zane but I don't care what character he's playing the actor exhudes a deeply untrustworthy air of hostility so I'm gonna go ahead and assume he's the bad dude in any given situation" and I'm right about that. It's okay as these things go, but not essential viewing.

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