Monday 30 March 2015

Big Bob's in the back and I think it's Hug O'Clock

Chapter 8 with its laissez faire approach to continuity and sequential storytelling may be read HERE.

Chapter 9 - including wonky crab-like hands for which the window of opportunity to make a Jeremy Beadle reference that remains topical is fading with every passing day thanks to the relentless march of time - can be read HERE.  Say what you like about Beadle,  but he didn't trade in mean-spirited humor, did a lot for charity, and he wasn't a nonce.

Chapter 10 can be read HERE, though fair warning the characters in the lettered version are still stick figures.  Still struggling with drawing what I want at this size and resolution...

Chapter 11 and attendant ill-advised attempts at both high and low angles can be read HERE.

Chapter 12 in which I misjudge the tone as slapstick comedy can be read HERE.

Chapter 13 where I try and fail to create a tangible visual reference to the film by getting the characters pointing the wrong way and then forget to draw pavements can be read HERE.  In my defence, I did at least manage to replicate the visual effect in the film of Karl Urban's face being eaten by the helmet.

Chapter 14 where I go super-original with a picture of Dredd pointing a gun at the reader that has clearly been the result of poor visual research can be found HERE.

Chapter 15 was described thusly: "I have no idea what is going on" by the guy that wrote it and can be read HERE.

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