Monday 23 March 2015

Oh good, you found the vodka

Chapter 5 can be read HERE.  Note the absence of any kind of traffic in panel 2, as around this point I was becoming aware that between the resolution and the need for dialogue balloons, it might not be a great idea to add too much visual clutter that wouldn't be discerned in the final strips.  As it is, I kept things simple but still think the background in this panel just looks like a bunch of lines anyway.  I considered doing the traffic behind a full-body pose of Dredd standing up and looking tough in the final panel, but thought better of it in the end because that would just shift the potential problems of panel two into panel three, so in the end there's not much of a sense of where Dredd is at this point - remember he is supposed to be in the middle of speeding traffic - and I find myself committing an art crime I always notice in other people's comics where you get one establishing panel near the very start and then the art cruises for the rest of the scene with few - if any - background shots.  I did like panel one, I guess, but it looks half-finished around the edges.
Chapter six can be read HERE, and suffers from similar problems, although this time the lack of any sense of where the story is taking place is mandated by the script, as at this point it's just a hidden base somewhere or other.  I do get draw the actual physical location of the base in a later strip, but - SPOILER - I fuck that up as well.
I had a brainwave at this point in chapter 7 - which can be read HERE - that if I wanted to avoid Dredd and Hershey just being talking heads or stick figures in this strip, I should combine a couple of panels for a panning shot across Hershey's office as this would render both panels in the script, but also get me a larger single panel to use as an establishing shot rather than one single cluttered or unclear panel with Hershey, Dredd, and Hershey's office crammed in on one side of the strip.  This did constrain me a little in terms of where the characters would be in the shot, obviously, as apart from all the empty space at the top of panels that would be necessary to avoid plastering lettering over characters (which I don't like to see), Hershey speaks first in the script, so the eventual placement of speech balloons would dictate that Hershey needs to go on the left in the first panel, and Dredd has all the dialogue in panel 2, so he'd have to be the focus there, which is why the window is at a silly angle it doesn't need to be in order to draw the eye towards him - or towards the city he's looking at, as I'm a little unsure of what the effect is, to be honest.  I try the same combining-panels trick in the next strip, but that doesn't turn out so well, either.

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