Tuesday 22 June 2010

"No, Mr Bond, this is not a top secret document it's your pink slip. Fuck off."

Watching: CSI - a duo of episodes, one about rape and the other a dead baby. That's hedging your bets, CSI.
Reading: Gravity - a typically angsty teen superhero romp that's quite ephemeral and features one of the dumbest superheroes I've read in a while "That guy totally disappeared just before Black Death appeared - I WONDER WHERE THAT GUY WENT TO?" No really, it goes there. I also wonder why Marvel felt they needed to create a new superhero who manipulates gravity when they've got a teen-aged Alex Power sitting around doing nothing, but then I also thought that when Dan Slott came up with Cloud Nine instead of just using Jack Power. Gotta keep churning out those IPs I guess.

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