Thursday, 10 June 2010

Watching: The girl In The park, and what an uncomfortable and miserable old film it is, too. Well-made and acted, but there just comes a time when all the stories are told and I'm waiting for the bit where they pull the rabbit out of the hat and when that doesn't come - when character A doesn't turn out to be harboring a dark secret and character B doesn't either - I just end up wondering why I can never get the time back and why this got made in the first place. I don't mean that in a critical way, I just wonder what the draw was for those concerned to make a film that seems to be an examination of a character stuck in the denial stage of grief without ever making a breakthrough, especially one scripted and shot like it's got a card up its sleeve and a reveal is forthcoming when there's nothing of the sort, just more of the same and then it ends, because - if you'll forgive me a moment of specificity - in these days of epidermal laser surgery in shopping malls, a birthmark that isn't there is no closure at all, and disappointment ensues for anyone who has the sneaking suspicion the carrot-dangling of an alternate explanation to events that indulges ludicrous coincidence would have been far more entertaining.
Also Magnum PI, which is not great as I'm watching it in 2010, but it's fluffy and inoffensive to those not worried by facial hair.

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