Thursday 13 June 2013

Start your revengines

Been listening to Jpop today, because basically I am an awful human being.  I struggle with trying to recommend any of it to those who haven't built up a resistance over time (my own tolerance coming via exposure to anime and toku since the early 1990s) so I usually just throw GO!GO!7188 out there and hopefully move on before someone clicks a link to Kyary Pamyu or 4Minute, but have always thought that the platitude often offered that "Japanese pop music is the worst in the world" comes from people clearly not paying attention to the UK charts, which feature music much, much worse because you can actually understand the lyrics.  Japan's offerings (at least until you grasp basic Japanese phrases and terms) might still be the pop lyrics equivalent of the Odyssey for all you know - until it sinks in most words in the chorus are English, at any rate.
The last few years, though, my main exposure to UK music has been through the music channels on the tvs in my local gym, and in some kind of karmic retribution it seems the UK charts have morphed into a carbon copy of what Japan's been doing for years, right down to shrill and garish idol acts like Katy Perry and barely-pubescent talent show winners.
Buckle up and enjoy, my friends, because it'll all be like this sooner or later:

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