Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009

Minus color and a couple of white-out clean-ups, that's pages 6-7 in the bag. Not a stunning pace considering I started last monday, but I am at least sitting down and getting into the work. Possibly once I cut the booze, late risings and lie-ins till 1 playing Oblivion and mainlining cheap energy drinks I'll get more done in a day, though for the moment I'm enjoying the slower pace of life away from the routine of a regular job.

As regards Oblivion: good game, but I still prefer Fallout. The main quest is far too easy and most of the fun is in the side missions like the Dark brotherhood assassinations or the Thieves Guild tealeafing, though I've been told that level 10 is quite high for someone running through the game and not deliberately leveling-up - I suppose it's entirely possible that the game version of me may be just as awesome as the real thing, but it makes things too easy, and while that's great for getting laid back, sometimes I want my games to be a little exciting and frustrate me now and then. Only a little, mind.

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