Saturday, 23 January 2010

How am I not drunk at this time on a Caturday? Because I'm a penniless bum and it's the end of the first month after Christmas - ain't nobody on the tear tonight, son.

Reading: The Incredible Hercules #140 - there's a reason why Marvel has become the playground bully in terms of comics publishing of late, and that's because books like this about nobody characters from their roster are some of the best reading you'll find in funnybooks. Hephaestus' deathtrap and it's rather glaring flaw is a standout moment in a book full of daft setpieces and funky ideas, and I'm surprised not only at the consistent course the book has steered over the last few years even with crossovers to navigate every few months, or that it's a fun title that doesn't talk down to the reader through its use of boorish wit from the musclebound title character, but that I actually care at all enough to have kept reading this far, cynical tosser that I am - it's an unashamedly fun title that revels in the standards of the medium, particularly in the inventive use of SFX.
Watching: My Life As Liz, Ugly Betty, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Time Trumpet.

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