Wednesday 13 January 2010

So after all this bloomin' time, I've finished a grand total of

pages of the Shako strip. What wonderful time management I have - it's probably my only saving grace that it took about 6-8 hours per page including tones and letters. Sadly, those 8 hours took place over a month or something.
I'm speeding up, though - if for no other reason than to poke fun at other artists for being slow.

Watched: Make It Happen, which is awful. So Don't.
Reading: Scalped, which is good, but sadly not the stratospheric reading experience I've been led to expect from Jason Aaron's rep and his admittedly great Punisher work. It seems forced and unconvincing in its bullheadedness, but not as much so as many other post-Mark Millar writers. A good read, but a little too much into it's own tropes to be the breakout story it should be. Definitely recommended, all the same, and I could see it making a damn good tv show.

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