Sunday 10 January 2010

Reading Scott Pilgrim, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I'm not really that into it.

It's taken a while longer than usual for this to sink in because the book is maddeningly full of things which I find both awesome and criminally underused elsewhere, especially pop-cultural references that directly comment on the story rather than existing only as scatological cutaways - ala the Family Guy stable of animated comedies - that go nowhere beyond referencing something from the creator's youth.

I think the biggest wall for me is Scott and his circle of friends, who are kind of uninteresting and lacking any kind of emotional depth. Certainly there are tropes and character traits that I recognize in others of my generation, but I think I need more than something that only 'touches base' - or at least which feels like there's a little more depth to the characters - to be truly invested, but O'Malley's character voices are consistent and it's easy to get into the groove of reading them, so I'll definately finish the story when Volume 6 comes out - though to be honest, I've only ever given up on two comics that I can recall.
Earth X because it was boring me and I just didn't care to see the end, and that issue of Chuck Austen's New X-Men where an emo angel sang an emo song (after having sex with his fifteen year-old girlfriend in front of her mother, naturally) and it took up several pages at the very back of the comic and I literally stopped reading with something like half a page to go. Oddly, I gave up on Ultimate X-Men in much the same way around the time Ultimate Sinister came into it and Rogue was trying to bang Iceman - I can't recall the specific moment I found it too dull to continue reading as it had all just run together by that point and I don't even know if I finished the issue I was reading when I reached the decision to stop. The Mark Millar stuff that preceded it was big dumb fun that set the bar too high for his clones to adequately reach, I guess.

If you cast your eyes down the page to yesterday's post, you'll notice I've done absolutely nothing between then and now in terms of drawing. I could blame sundays, but my PS3 keeps crashing so videogames cannot be my scapegoat. I'm just lazy and that resolution about getting my shit together seems wise, if potentially over-optimistic.

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