Monday 25 January 2010

Perspective FAIL.

Watching: Love That Girl, CSI, 18 To Life, Vampire Diaries, Bones, TNA, Planet Hulk - I thought this was maybe abridged a bit from the original comics, but no, it really is a slight story with nothing clever or intellectually rewarding for the viewer, just crudely-stylised and animated monsters stabbing and punching each other for an hour and a bit. Luckily, that's pretty much all I want from my viewing as a baseline so I enjoyed it, especially how they replaced the Silver Surfer from the comic version with my all-time second favorite magic space horse to appear in Marvel comics Beta Ray Bill in the cartoon, even if he is a great big woman's fanny of a wimp for some reason in it. It's a bit stabby and head-squashy in places, and the little baby burning to death might be a bit much for kids to watch, but I'm going to hoodwink the younger relatives into watching it for just that reason, and with the downer-ending from the comics absent, it ends on a happy non-genocidal note so they can pretend it's like a Disney film or something - though ironically, Walt Disney probably supported genocide, but that's just how the union-busting, scab-employing anti-semite rolled, and who am I to hold it against him? Planet Hulk is good mindless fun, and a decent follow-up to last year's Wolverine vs Hulk.

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