Monday 11 January 2010

I'm considering implementing a 'sauce' policy with the blog, whereby I put up only pics of hot tail on certain days to see if I can get a rise in traffic around here, but I'm limited by two things:
1 - on any given day I'll be constrained by the remit of my (unpaid but time-consuming) work, meaning I'll be drawing bears massacring a small portion of the science/intelligence community, or posthuman collectives (don't call them zombies!) chasing the crap out of thirtysomething Englanders, and while both are awesome, neither is terribly sexy. Or
2 - instead of doing work I'll concede I've got the block and I'll watch my way through tv shows uploaded to the web on my pc while sketching the first thing that comes into my head, which isn't saucy very often, as it's usually just crude sketches of bears massacring people or Captain America running over nazis on a motorcycle - American-made, naturally.

But now Mondays will be sauce days. Not sure what this will entail, probably just buxom femmes doing buxom femme stuff involving lounging on beds, smoking a cigarette while giving a smoldering look, or goading bears into massacring people.
You can probably go ahead and not get your hopes up for those first two scenarios.


  1. How about a buxom lady in a Captain America outfit running over killer polar bears in her underwear?

    All boxes ticked, I think...

  2. Nice try, but Batman is absent from that scenario and therefore I must declare it FAIL.