Monday, 18 January 2010

Watching: Bones, CSI, 18 to Life, Cougar Town, Community, House
Reading: Avengers: Initiative, Red Robin, Captain America Reborn, Adventure Comics
Drawing: NOTHING it's still the weekend.

Struck in the last few days by how little I've been aware of the Haitian coverage, being as we've disconnected the aerial in the flat to avoid incurring the Licence Fee. The numbers are a little numbing, I admit, but even catching the rolling updates on BBC News 24 at the gym, I can't shake a suspicion of Missing White Woman Syndrome in that a lot of the coverage I did catch seems focused on westerners on the ground.
It has at least made me resolve to get back into the habit of reading a newspaper - a habit I have to admit I'm missing a little of late with the absence of background noise television, which is usually music or news.

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