Thursday 21 January 2010

Dollhouse finale - Meh. I've seen all of it now, and while there was admittedly more to it than 'child-like whores fulfill any male fantasy and occasionally something goes Wrong with the process', there wasn't that much terribly interesting about what was there. Some decent twists and the odd glimmer of potential in the death throes, but the only really interesting concept was the post-apocalyptic setting of the epilogues, and I'd rather have had a series about that instead of one where Eliza Dushku got beat up, stripped, or cried every time we were supposed to care a jot about her character. C+

Prodigy - got me a hankering from somewhere for those old-school beats they excelled at before Fat of the Land came along and turned them into a pantomime, in much the same way that I never realised what a bunch of middle-class wankers the Manics were before Everything Must Go became a fixture in every 4x4 on a school run. Oh God, now I want to listen to Holy Bible...

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