Thursday, 1 April 2010


Space robots in the distant future for Omnivistascope in a slightly cartoony style. It's actually the fourth part, of an ongoing story, but only the second part that I've drawn. I had to follow on from another artist (the talented, distinctive and slightly daunting Dunk Nimmo) and sadly didn't learn my lesson from a previous attempt to emulate another artist that resulted in the abominable Love Is Hell for FutureQuake. Whereas Dunk has a clean and bold style, I'm a bloody scribbler, an inclination that's caused me headaches with Babble as I try to stick to a single line weight and no hatching for an entire graphic novel for reasons that I can no longer actually remember, which is why the blog may be short on any kind of running commentary on how my work may or may not be evolving and long on random rants about crappy cable channels on the other side of the Atlantic watched by no-one that has ever known the touch of a woman.
Anyway, I think the point of this post was that I'm drawing in a slightly different manner than usual, which is probably good for me.

Watching: Parenthood, Trauma, 90210 (lesbian kiss - guess this show isn't coming back next season), TNA, Melrose Place, Ugly Betty (gayboy kisses - I hope this show is coming back next season)

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