Saturday, 3 April 2010

Well, that was a great way to spend an entire day - removing a virus from my pc that's left the damn thing running noticeably slower. I'm a bit stumped by how these viruses are supposed to work: they download these icons onto your desktop called 'Yourporn' or '', and I'm a bit confused why people would think the response to this would be "This guy's gone to a lot of trouble to hack my pc, disable access to the Task Manager, Registry and System Restore, and fucked my internet connection and file association protocols, and even now I've finally got rid of the fucking thing the sound on my machine is gone, so I think I'll reward his tenacity by visiting these porn links and giving him my money."

So now I'm sketching for little reason other than it's the end of the day and I'll get pretty much nothing practical done now but I want to fiddle with the pc for a bit to see how it handles stuff. I could draw Godzilla forever, I think that's apparant from his periodic appearances on my Deviantart page, but I can never really remember what the big fucker looks like apart from the fact that he's grey instead of green in all but the very latest (post-millennial) movies, but I've coloured him green anyway, because the cartoon was awesome.

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