Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I kind of hate Manga Studio.

Why does the brush tool pick random settings every time I switch to a different layer? Why can't I actually use the colour I pick from the swatches and instead get some random mix of texture brush and halftone fill? Why does it not actually make any mark at all on the canvas except when it inexplicably does make a mark?
I realise I've spent a grand total of (checks the run time of the latest House episode) 43 minutes and 6 seconds in it, but I've been using Photoshop for years now and I'd like to think - even in the face of Adobe's own inability to universalise tools and settings across two industry-standard programs they themselves create - that some stuff should be standardised rather than necessitating chasing down some particular setting or option every time you attempt to do the exact same thing you've been doing except on a different layer.
It's not an intuitive setup. I'm sure professionals and people with training in the use of such programs will disagree, but for me, plain Joe arsehole who just wants to draw a line on a page, it's utterly baffling from the ten minutes spent just trying to open a fucking file, through the random brush settings, to the fact that I have no idea how to export the file from the program in a usable form without layers inexplicably disappearing - which is just mental.

So yeah - hate it. In fairness, I didn't think much of Photoshop when I started out either, and still don't think much of Illustrator. Possibly if my patience holds I might end up loving it, but the urge to smash my foot through the screen is quite strong.

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