Thursday 6 May 2010

Okay, so my consuming hatred of Manga Studio may - may - be abating now I grasp how to do at least three things in it, and the story page setup thing seems like a touch of genius if I can just figure out how to set it up to accommodate double-page splashes.

The thumbnail menu also lays stuff out in the Japanese format by default, but that just seems an oversight rather than a deal-breaker - the deal-breaker, as ever, is non-intuitive settings. I spent about ten minutes trying to resize a pencil sketch before I gave up - lasso selection, click the transform/move option, "nothing that can be transformed" oh fuck you, Manga Studio. Fuck you in the ass.

Sketches might be a better prospect if I allow for serendipity with the inexplicable brush settings and random layer properties, but I figured out how to fiddle with those a bit so we'll see how that goes. The buttons that usually (in Photoshop) move the brush tip up and down in size instead seem to alter the dryness of the brush effect (in MS) - no idea what's going on there. And it won't save my frigging window settings so I have to go and open navigator or layers or toolbar or whatever every time I restart the programme, but unlike other art apps, Vista has yet to hang or crash MS just yet - though I've used it a grand total of four times now, so the day is relatively young on that score.
I also need to synch up the visual settings between the tablet and the monitor, as the end sketches come out looking a little more garish than I'd like.

Watching: Mercy, CSI:NY, Bones, Justified, The Pacific

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