Saturday, 22 May 2010

Is there any better feeling than crawling out of bed in the afternoon to the sun in the sky and a beer buzz from the night before? I suspect there is not.
It's great weather in this neck of the woods, and it makes me wish I had some kind of lawn furniture so I could go a-barbecuing.

St Trinians 2: The search for Fritton's Gold - I first became aware of this at an all-night anime marathon that I think is reviewed back in the wilds of the blog archives somewhere, where it was a poster on a wall and for the life of me I simply could not believe that it was a real thing and not a spoof image the event organisers had put up as decoration, but God help me I actually enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, it's as awful as you've probably heard or assumed it is, full of unfunny jokes and aimless references to pop cultural ephemera, but it's so awful, the references so bafflingly random (the 'Saint Trinians Day speech' is exactly what it sounds like) and the stereotyping of characters so lamentably broad that it takes on an air of surrealism it doesn't deserve but which kept me watching through the times when it was vaguely amusing and the times when it was so testicle-scrunchingly unfunny that had it been Meet the Spartans or one of the Dance/Date/Scary Movies I'd have put my foot through the screen. The only duff note that I found lamentable was that there wasn't a clear difference between the upper and lower form girls in the school in terms of how the student body as a whole was needlessly sexualised, as an element of the original Alastair Sim flicks that's often overlooked is that the younger students were sexless sociopathic monsters while the older girls were loose women of the age of consent and there was no overlap, to the point there was even a rivalry between the two distinct student bodies in evidence in the script. With Fritton's Gold, however, there's no clear distinction between characters deliberately dressed by the wardrobe department to titillate and everyone else, which is unfortunate in a film that has a significant number of young teens on the cast.
But apart from that, its knockabout fun that doesn't feature any swearing or overt references to sex, so it's probably completely safe for younger viewers, even if they probably won't have a baldy what to make of the bulk of it.

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