Thursday 10 February 2011

After Africa, being dead was the easiest way to stay alive

No pr0n for blogwatchers today, just random sketches run up while watching the horrendously smug Fairly legal.

Oh Manga Studio - I'm sure you're great, but intuitive? Not so much.
Pretty sure I'm supposed to be learning how to use that anyway... Hm.


  1. Did you like Fairly Legal? I tried to get through the pilot episode twice and it put me to sleep both times. The lead star is likeable enough but it just wouldnt hold my interest. Worth giving it another go?

  2. Probably not, Dom. It tries to do these scenes that happen by chance (like the robbery in the first episode) that will show the audience that the lead as a fast-talker and great mediator, but they're utterly unconvincing and it breaks the show, which is a shame as the rest of it is the usual fluffy legal drama stuff and could probably have found its feet eventually.

    I'd stick with Good Wife and (at a push) Harry's Law for legal hijinx if I was you.