Friday 25 February 2011

Love is sharing the same fridge for seventeen years without resorting to fists

This is not a godly hour, yet posting I am regardless.

Mrs Brown's Boys - which tested my love of all things crude to destruction, being as it is some sort of throwback to the kind of sitcom that Ricky Gervaise made a career satirizing in the latter portion of Extras, though at least it's heartening that Irish television is now well into the 20th century. Brendan Carrol stars as the titular Mrs Brown, a mouthpiece for pretty much any crude platitude you might hear if hanging around old people long enough, though with the virtue of at least filtering out comments about gays and non-whites. The format borrows a lot from Sean Hughes' Channel 4 effort Sean's Show but doesn't make much of the fourth-wall breaking apart from cheap digs that anyone watching the worst episode of the Cleveland Show ever will be familiar with. It is not good, but I don't think it's really aiming to be high art anyway.
Fool's Gold - which is one of these 'romcoms' I've heard about which stars Matthew McConaghy. He gets his shirt off in this so you know at least it's not entirely irredeemable, but it's a big chunk of "nearly but not quite". Perfectly entertaining time-killer if you've got nowt else on, it's a standard treasure hunt escapade in a tropical locale with Donald Sutherland showing up for no better reason than he got lost on the way to doing a cameo for his lad in 24 and stayed because it meant Alexis Dziena playing his daughter yet always hanging around wearing very little or rubbing up against him in a way that someone other than me might have found a bit odd because they were likely sober at the time. Me? I was half wrote off and thought Donald was doing well for himself until I twigged "Daddy" was not a pet name the character had for him. Ray Winstone is also in this with what I think is a comedy Nawlins drawl. No idea why - perhaps he's got to that stage of his career where he makes his coin playing a parody of himself - in which case job done.

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