Thursday, 24 February 2011

Why is it I can crush diamonds between my fingertips yet I am powerless - POWERLESS TO MAKE YOU LOVE ME

There is something slightly ungodly about posting at a godly hour like 7pm - possibly because so much of what I've done so far will be getting The Red Pen shortly and any screen-grabs will be outdated. God I draw uniform, bland faces when I don't pay attention.

Watching: Static Shock, a relatively recent cartoon series based on the Dwayne McDuffie-created superhero Static. The 'toon is an accessible affair featuring an affable and earnest lead who's a million miles from the character appearing in DC's aimless and hateful Teen Titans comic books, and what stands out is the fist-bumping and "gotcha, dawg"s from characters and cynical old me laughs at their Poochie D style attempts at relevance to a young audience rather than giving props to not sugar-coating the drawbacks of urban youth culture or its occasionally bizarre trappings.
Outcasts - a muddled, laughable affair for all the wrong reasons.

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