Wednesday 9 February 2011

and bring me the diaper I wear to bed after I've been eating Indian food

If I organized my time better, I'd likely have more room for masturbation and Mass Effect 2, as I'm quite interested in finding out which is ultimately the more hollow experience. As it is, I'm still struggling to put the time aside here and there.
Especially bad bit of organisation today - very little done and I'm right on top of the ass-tapping scene, or as Lee's script describes it: "Panel 6: Balls deep now, Alan's face is contorted like he's just drunk a shot of vinegar."
I should try not to put pr0n on the blog, though, so I'll power through drawing the sex scene in one sitting and hope my wrist goes the distance.


  1. Hey, YOU said you wanted to draw tits!

  2. I was drinking and thus by extension irrational and horny - you should have done the thinking for us both, Lee, 'cause I'm not fit to.