Wednesday 23 February 2011

Fine by me - more fish for Kunte

I was saddened to hear today of the passing of Dwayne McDuffie, a writer who I'd thought of mostly as a provider of solid comics about which I had no real complaints (and the Deathlok series I thought pretty fucking sweet at the time but didn't realise he was the writer until today), but with each message of condolence read on depressed forums and blogs I notice he has actually been responsible for a lot of material I thought pretty damn awesome.
Back when I had a job, I drank a lot and I had no time for internets - that shit was just reading to me, like some sort of Star trek version of Teletext - and so I relied on Sky telly for my tv shows, though to be honest my brother and dad got more out of it than I did apart from when I was hungover on the weekend and would lay in bed drinking pints of energy drink/Five Alive topped off with a couple of packets of resolve while I watched Static Shock, Justice League/Unlimited, Batman Beyond (inexplicably re-monikered by the marketing fuckwits as Batman of the Future) - basically Dwayne was a driving force for these shows and without him making them better than they would have been, I'd have had to get out of bed. Probably, I would have gone straight to the hair of the dog and become even more reliant on drink than I am at the moment, but more important than one more drunken Irish idiot working on kidney failure, I would have missed a shitload of great telly.

Godspeed, D.

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