Friday, 18 February 2011

In England EVERYTHING means vagina

Line tool and CTRL+T get quite the workout when I have to do perspective, and much as I gripe about Photoshop, I'd probably have stuck to the bricking or glazing without it and still be busy half-heartedly building car showrooms like that one just outside Tunbridge Wells that I had a hand in and would be quite surprised if it hasn't keeled over and deathed a few people in the years since. But Photoshop - it is damn handy for the technically inept like myself.

Yes, there's a lot of empty space, isn't there? I find it helps to roughly accommodate where the lettering might go during the layout stages, to save headaches down the line. Still, that's the double-page spread finished before the weekend kicks in. Photoshop may be good, but Photoshop and Vista? Not so much. Double page spreads are big files and prone to crash the PC, so I usually split them into chunks and do them piecemeal, which is not great for maintaining already-shaky visual continuity between panels so I've penciled in some editing time at the end of each chapter.

The weekend begins...

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