Friday 4 February 2011

Ah don't know no langidges

Day two on a page but I still hold out hope for meeting that page a day rate as it's a double-page spread and a bit of a bugger to move about in Photoshop once files go over the 15mb mark.
I'm working on my inking at the moment so things are slowing down a little as I try to balance between scribbling the hell out of a page and leaving lots of open space for the colourist to add textures and really go to work should they so be inclined, but I'm coming down heavily in favor of the 'scribble the hell' side of things so far as it feels like I have more control of the page than I did when I was trying to play it safe.

Weekend tomorrow, so lots of tv and film to catch up on while I lay out some pages.
Do try and have a good one - if you did I'd consider it a personal favor.


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