Wednesday 24 August 2011

I shall reject love - for I bear the cursed star of death!

Only getting around to today's Bond movie now, For Your Eyes Only, and I'm a bit baffled by the callback to On Her Majesty's Secret Service in the pre-credits sequence, but like the idea that every year on the anniversary of his wife's death Bond kills the man responsible all over again like a little ritual, and that through this they're acknowledging that Bond is an agent getting on in years - Moore was 45 when he started playing the role. Only 20-odd minutes in so far and I can see they're setting up the whole "revenge is hollow" plot, but it seems a bit odd to be coming from Moore's Bond less than half an hour after he looked really pleased with himself about getting revenge on a cripple by murdering him unnecessarily, but I'll probably like this one as I love Moore enough to even overlook the fact that he's a Tory.

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