Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Now that yall know where I live yall better not try ta rob me or I will cut yo teeth out

Bloody Elvis hair. Should have known it would haunt me down the line when I had to draw actual things that are in the script like I'm told. Oh for the 90s and just drawing a splash panel/page and damning storytelling for the overhyped delusion of beardies like Alan Moore that it is.

Went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes - decent flick, although science probably doesn't work like that.
Didn't like some of the stuff at the end like when the monkey talks even though he's only been given brain medicines and not jen-et-ik-ally man-ip-you-lay-ted to have vocal chords although I'm not a boffin and Malfoy's references to the original were a bit too forced, but it's entertaining as a bit of fluff. Them monkeys don't half hate glass windows, though, they smash through them like they'd seen Police Story too many times, and there's this bit where they're escaping the dog pound for monkeys and they're going out through open windows and they smash the fuck out of them anyway as they're going past, and then they run down the streets doing a Tottenham riots on San Fran and I'm thinking "this is why they locked you up, mate, if this is what you do when you're let out" so I can't really see the monkeys' point of view about wanting to not wear a dog monkey collar in public. And why is this virus that spreads by blood a problem? That's easily quarantined, not sure why it's an issue for humanity.
Entertaining, though.

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