Wednesday 17 August 2011

You have succeeded in exposing my sinister plan to lock myself in a dungeon, chained to an albino.

I don't rate Sean Connery's version of James Bond much. I grew up with the politically incorrect outre-camp of the Moore Bonds and have always viewed the Connery outings as the adventures of a particularly well-dressed and punctual hooligan abroad, nonetheless I've resolved to watch all the Bonds in order and began with Dr NO this very evening, in which suave ladies man James Bond murders a cripple in his own home (in fairness, it's not called a Licence To Investigate) and then heroically causes a nuclear meltdown in the Caribbean that dozens of innocent people jump to watery deaths to escape.
I am pretty sure it is not just me and Dr NO is actually a pretty unsatisfying film with poor internal logic, a lethargic pace and not much in the way of character arcs. Stuff just sort of happens, like Bond getting drugged by his captors for some reason, and then escaping through a water drainage pipe that inexplicably opens onto this hall people use all the time, and I'm pretty sure he's radioactive by the time he gets on that boat at the finale - this would explain the lack of James Bond Juniors running around, I guess.
The period it's set in does fascinate me, though, even though though it was set in the then-present of 1962. I mean, no mobile phones? The world must have seemed so huge.

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