Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I can find a block of Phillipine cooking shows but no Liverpool kick off

Tweet-blogging time again as I play catch-up on the stockpile of new shows I have accrued during my downtime:

Come on Franklin and Bash - please do not be shit.


Someone has seen the Defenders. I wonder if they know it got cancelled after one season.

Although I liked the Defenders. Despite the crippling drawback of having Jerry O'Connell in it.

Defenders had an episode where Jim Belushi defended a bear in court. Big shoes to fill, Franklin and Bash. Big shoes.

Malcolm McDowell! Yay!

This is alright, but I can see these two leads becoming tiresome very quickly.

A Clockwork Orange movie poster is on the wall of the main characters' home? But Malcolm Mc Dowell's in the cast! This is blowing my mind!

McDowell is amusing in this - probably the best thing in it - but I suspect he's given up on his career.

Holy shit, is this a real building or really good CGI?


Yeah, that was alright. Some gratuitous tits, but I'm not really offended by those, so I thought this was alright. A decent replacement for the Defenders, but just as fluffy and inconsequential.

I know nothing about Necessary Roughness beyond that it is not based on the movie from the 1990s that was the last thing in which Scott Bakula was appropriately cast.

Fuck, but he was hopeless in Enterprise. Note to Star Trek producers: "affable" is not the same thing as "charismatic".

I recognise this woman as the actress I keep confusing with Marisa Tomei, and there's symmetry for you, as she was a topic of discussion in Franklin and Bash.

Hmmm... not sure I'm fussed about the premise that seems to be rearing its head so far.

"I will cure you - OR ARE YOU CURING ME?"

I'm really not feeling it.

I'm not sure who the audience for this show is supposed to be. Teens? Menopausal women? Sports fans?

It has disparate elements but no focus or agenda. It's everywhere and too predictable. Not sure I'll bother with the second episode.

Ah who am I kidding? I haven't shouted at the telly once, so I'll probably watch the next one, but so far it's not that it's bad as much as it is uninteresting. A criticism that would mean more coming from anywhere but my blog.

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