Tuesday 11 February 2014

I don't sleep, I just dream

Catching up on the backlog again with some clumsy but sadly necessary colouring.  I can never get my shit together on Mondays so it's great to have something to relax with in front of the tv so I can pretend I'm busy and not just catching up on my Transformers: Prime watching - or as it was called this (final) season, Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters, a pointlessly busy title for a pointlessly drawn-out season.  The reworked theme and intro sucked, while the storyline meanders before the animation budget implodes and the season showdown takes place on a giant toilet seat with a PS3 screensaver as a background so overall it's not a great send-off for a series that started out well with some shameless but fun mash-ups of scenes and ideas from sources as disparate as John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness and Stargate, but there were some fun retakes on Transformers lore along the way.

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