Monday 24 February 2014

Johnny talks big, but the worst thing I've ever seen him do is strangle a horse

Originally appearing in FutureQuake's 15th issue in 2009 (long since sold out and not available for digital download, sadly) alongside stellar work from up-and-comers like George Coleman, Gibson Quarter, Mark Howard and Adrian Bamforth, Dan Hill's Edge of Creation was around the time I was finally twigging that photoshop's many grey tones, filters, and the burning/lightening tools were not my friends and I needed to learn to draw better in black and white.  Clearly I didn't quite manage a clean break until much later, and I think the lettering is eye-strainingly small - there are other pages on my old pc which seem slightly different and I think I actually did the lettering even smaller - so I did at least learn to use a larger font size in future even if it left much less room for the art, though I got lucky with FQ's larger A4 format pages and these were perfectly legible when they saw print.
I think I just went "eff it" with some of the art, too, particularly background details in the medieval panels, so not my best work, but a helpful learning experience.  Thanks as ever go to FQ's commissioning editors and hetero life partners Dave "Birmingham is a real place" Evans and Richmond "I smell the blood of human beings" Clements for making it happen.

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