Tuesday 18 February 2014

I just had a very productive conversation and actions were taken and change is in the air

Yes I am doing colouring even though I promised I would never do so again because I can't do it without making things look like one of those Walt Disney movies they made up until around the turn of the millennium when they discovered that CGI was much cheaper and yet paradoxically the movies now cost a minimum of 150 million dollars to make despite this number being six times greater than the last "expensive" cel-shaded effort the studio churned out, but I am doing it to wind down so please don't judge me.  Unless I owe you pages and I should be doing those right now, then you can judge the Hell outta me - but you'll still be whistling for those pages.

Say, did you know Johnny Cash wrote and performed a song dedicated to the car driven by the Dukes of Hazzard?  I do not know why my mind is blown by this news, but here we are.

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