Thursday 13 February 2014

I'm going to the Lego store and getting me a big-ass R2D2

I shan't pretend to have gotten much drawing done today as I was off in the clouds daydreaming for most of it, or "writing" as lazy layabout gobshites like to call it.  I shan't pretend I got much done on that front, either, but I'm putting the time in to create something a bit more structured and considered than is my usual schtick, as mostly when I write something I just make it up as I go and should you wish to check the last few years of blog posts, I think we can agree that it shows.  All the same, not a jot of dialogue or a single panel description did I put down, as today I concentrated on "plot", of all things, and then went back and jiggered stuff around to make the themes work - oh God themes now - and I'm still not finished doing it.
It's still just daydreaming, though.

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