Friday 7 February 2014

No water, no sitting - and don't think you can sneak in a lean, either

Just catching up on last week's episode of rich white reactionary pro-fascism conservative superhero drama Arrow, and it's always amusing to see the rich white American view of addiction recovery, unironically dependent as it is upon surrender to the idea of a need outside the individual's ability to control - "I NEED A MEETING" these soul-less characters announce in word and action with not a hint of self-awareness.  I suppose that television shows like Intervention are to blame for this, as they really reinforce the idea that recovery is not something that can be done with privacy or dignity, but I think the episode accidentally got that much correct because, strange but true I have had dealings with what passes for addiction recovery groups here in Northern Ireland, and it's always hilarious and saddening in equal measure to see so many people coping or "getting better" by replacing one addiction with a more socially-acceptable alternative like gambling, tobacco, caffeine, religion, and even the co-dependant rituals of AA groups themselves, and they so clearly use these things as a crutch that were I a dumber bastard than I am I would almost go so far as to suggest that it looks to me like they weren't getting better at all.
Anyway, of Arrow: the actress Katie Cassidy does some hilariously unconvincing drunk acting in this, but her face looks odd in the show lately, like she's had some work done or something, which for some reason involved giving her oddly-elongated features so there's probably a really obvious joke about her walking into a bar in an episode and being asked why she has a long face, or at the very least she can play Celine Dion in a biopic - but what she can't play is a convincing... hmm... I want to say "drunk" or "drug addict" but I have this really weird conviction that these two things aren't actually synonymous conditions, unlike what the show itself seems to be telling me with its absolute view of addiction as a digital state - if you're addicted to drugs, you are also an alcoholic.
Also Michael "Why, Black Dynamite?  WHY?" Jai White is in the episode as a man with three knives sticking out of his wrist, so it's good to know episode writer Mark Guggenheim isn't done writing awful Wolverine stories just yet.

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