Wednesday, 6 October 2010

"Following the rules" doesn't always lead to justice - when that happens, Eddie, I CHANGE the rules

Haha posting at a reasonably sensible time. What am I like?

Watching: Outlaw - Jimmy Smits' latest vehicle, a courtroom drama that views so much like a Simpsons parody of a courtroom drama that it simply has to be deliberate. There is just so much cliche and wild coincidence in amongst the corny dialogue and scant characters that I think the makers are pioneering some sort of reverse-iconoclasm, taking things that normally work out of context as a commentary on the limitations of the originating medium and transplanting them back into the originating medium in a functional context that allows those elements to be a part of the whole while still drawing attention to the form and method employed in its construction.
Yeah, that'll be it.
The Glades - a pleasant enough 'murder of the week' series with a dick main character. It's probably not a great sign that 13 episodes in I can't remember the name of a single character.
Raising Hope - the new show from the guys behind My Name Is Earl, set in the same fictional universe if one particular in-joke is anything to go by.

It's more of the same "white trash are scum and funny" stuff as was going on in Earl, but unlike the BBC's addiction to making sitcoms featuring cheeky, shifty, uneducated working class types that I find increasingly infuriating the nearer I draw to the grave, it's Americans being made fun of, so I can feel a bit superior rather than a horrible elitist bigot for enjoying it as much as I did.

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