Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ohgod..! Didyoueatallthisacid?

Ah, Saturdays - usually they're a mad dash looking after nephews or nieces, but today was a bit better. I put Dead Rising 2 on in the back room and lay on the bed playing that for God knows how long and let the weans watch. Not worried about the graphic content of the game too much - oil will run out in their lifetime and Iran will probably nuke me and all the other heathens before too long (although if you're that desperate to be surrounded by hundreds of virgins, lads, NYCC is on next week, where hopefully the GN I'm working on will be officially announced by the publishers), so all the carnage is probably helpful in hardening them for the world they'll inherit from us. I'm thoughtful like that.

No proper drawing today as it was chilli time, but as usual I wander back to Turbo Katie in the vague intention of finishing it off before my slow and horrible death from nuclear radiation, or - more likely - from being beaten with the thighbone of an infant by a spide determined to get the world's last tin of Red Bull out of my feeble hands.

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