Wednesday, 24 November 2010

we've just been informed the Dark Lord Cthulu has shat on the runway of the New Orleans airport and we'll be delayed at least another hour

Taking a break today from drawing thanks to poor time management and the ever-welcome sight of lots and lots of toilet blood, but I do still have television shows to watch and that means time spent at the pc where, like the fool I am, I once again attempt to use art apps I shouldn't be let anywhere near. Yes, while watching television shows, and no, I never did find out why my attention span is so bad.
Today it was Sketchup, a handy (in that it is free) 3d programme that like many others of it's ilk I cannot for the life of me get to grips with, particularly making convex/concave surfaces, how to lock the app into 'drawing' along a particular axis rather than choosing one arbitrarily, moving through the model without 'jamming' the camera on something that isn't there so I'm rolling the mouse button for ages trying to zoom in or out - and it doesn't help when talented fuckers like Kev Levell make it look not just easy to use but eminently desireable if it means being able to make your own cities and whatnot. Just check out that Mopad he did. Bastard.
I've had troubles with Sketchup in the past that drove me off it after being initially sold - mainly the updated toolbar and icons since Sketchup 5 - but like Manga Studio being a lot better once I sat down and gave it a bit of time, Sketchup seems to be a lot more user friendly than I originally credited it as being and my first attempt at making a Judge Dredd MK1 Lawgiver is at least fit for perspective reference purposes (the odd shape is a bugger to get right panel after panel), though it took the better part of two hours and much gnashing of teeth and I still can't figure out how to get the model into Photoshop or Manga Studio - though I'll wager that it's piss-easy and it's my fault through ignorance I can't do it.

There are still a lot of edges I need to figure out how to round off, but I've tried to keep it reasonably close to the comics version so it's come out a little slim-looking, although I gather that this aesthetic of the MK1 was why Dredd creator John Wagner asked that the weapon be redesigned to be more bulky. I was also torn between the triangular muzzle favored by Ron Smith and the barrel-shape favored by Carlos Ezquerra, but in the end, the thought of doing those thick jagged lines bordering the rounded muzzle of a gun bursting out of a panel while shooting someone seemed like the epitome of mid-80s Dredd.

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