Sunday, 7 November 2010

He tried to blackmail the city and he got caught by his own weapon - caught cold!

Because it wouldn't be a real day's attempt at work without it:

Got tired of drawing teenage Asians standing around talking so I'd have something for the obligatory daily post, so instead today went for a quick entry for the 2000ad forum's art compo. Haven't drawn Dredd much in the last few years since I've tried to learn the comic craft, in fact I think my only deliberate attempt at a Dredd I gave up on after the first page on account of how horrid it was.
Anyway, Dredd, Shako and a random background dropped in from something else I was drawing (free time: I has not a lot of it) go Bear Cavalry on the Sovs Big Meg style:

And yes, I'm aware he doesn't look very polar bear-ish - what do you want at this time of the morning? If I had the time, there would be disco in this picture, but here we are.

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