Friday 29 April 2011

And your chosen catagory is: "hermaphrodite Nazi sympathisers"

"How does she smell?"

Just a quick return to scribbling to test the old arms out for the themed blog. I tend to draw Judge Anderson much, much too young and fit considering where she's at in the comics (a middle-aged burn-out more akin to Helen Mirren circa Prime Suspect), but this being Dreddworld, I imagine 50 to be the new 30 and the lesser prominence of Psi-division in Judge Dredd in recent years gives me the impression she'd be more of a street cop at this stage.
Arms feel all right despite the scribbling, though. Reckon I'll play it safe and put the sketch to bed finished or not, though the return to random screen grabs at least stops me posting random panels from my awful comics.


  1. Oh! Nice Death there!

    But did he steal Anderson's nose?!?!?

  2. Yes. He knows I am having nose-drawing problems where noses come out looking stereotypically Asian for some reason. It is quite baffling.