Monday 18 April 2011

that's my favorite type of movie - that and anything set against the backdrop of competitive cheerleading

Dang but I hate this RSI crap, mainly because it's not just confined to my wan- erm, my drawing hand, it's the left hand as well, and general all-over pains that seem to emanate from the bones in my fingers but move about so's there's time when it settles in my elbows. If I had to rate this on a list of my most annoying brushes with ill health, I'd place it above kidney stones, but below that thing I did to myself near my balls that one time that needed surgery. That one really sucked.
So very little in the way of drawing has been done today, and I haven't even bothered attempting to fix today's page of Frank, hence the huge swathes of nothing but default photoshop brushes quickly wafted across the page, and what I would personally describe as "hoof hands" going on.

The dead bloke I think looked exactly like that in the thumbnails - I just drew a square with little hairs on it to denote hands. The mud looks terribly bright, too, but this is actually a rough approximation of an old drinking spot from my hometown that has fallen into disuse of late as anyone who'd likely use it is now old enough (14-15) to drink in a bar instead.

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